4 Cost Heads Where A Typical Chemical Industry Plant Can Realize Huge Savings At A Single Stroke

In chemical industries the crucial problems among others, which strongly affect the productivity of any chemical plant are deterioration of product quality due to factory heat, process heat losses, storage material and products getting damaged due to heat or water leakages, damages during transport, corrosion of factory building, roof and equipment. In case a factory is located near a coastal area then problems get further multiplied due to salty weather conditions.

Heat is a major cause of losses in any chemical plant and a key cause of concern for this industry. Rise in roof surface temperature of the factory, results in the rise in ambient temperature which leads to changes in chemical properties. These changes in chemical properties not only affect quality of chemicals during production process but also  quality of stock of finished & raw material kept in storages ultimately yielding huge losses due to wastages.

The product quality also gets affected by substantial heat produced by hot working conditions created by equipment and piping that carry chemicals at higher temperatures or hot water pipes in the factory. The employees also find working in such a high temperature environment very uncomfortable.

In addition the very nature of chemicals is corrosive and through evaporation they get mixed with surrounding air and react with construction materials inducing the process of rusting in metallic reinforcement of infrastructure. Corrosion is a worldwide crucial problem that strongly affects natural and industrial environment. Due to corrosion, chemical industries have stiffer challenges in ensuring that the factory infrastructural assets remain unaffected over longer period of time.

These peculiarities of chemical plants literally put a big dent on their finances.

Rusting & over heating leads to damaging the infrastructure with cracks & holes in ceiling and walls making it inevitable to spend huge amounts on recurring expenses of repair, plastering, repainting, replacing the roof top sheets and associated cost towards plant shut down, if any.

Process driven manufacturing of chemical plants get severely affected because of leakages and seepages.  These problems are not just confined to shop floors alone but spread their wings to other functional areas of chemical plant like warehousing, R & D centers, laboratories, factory canteens, administration office buildings etc.

Whether it’s technician, engineer, store keeper or scientific researcher everyone experiences tremendous working stress imposed by hot temperature during summer. This seriously affects the product quality and, of course, the productivity too.

Power bill, too shoots off the roof in order to maintain the temperature within bearable limits. The situation becomes more challenging in areas with power cuts where provision needs to be made of captive power generation.

Apart from hidden cost incurred like cost due to down time, reduction in productivity,  employee absenteeism  due to the bad working environment, administrative & supervision  man hours towards execution of repairs work, practically every procurement department of chemical industry  while drawing cost budget for a year invariably has following recurring cost heads:

SunBless: The Technologically Supreme

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SunBless also contains an innovative antifreeze element, which enables the coating to maintain its thermal insulation properties below freezing temperature. The product shows its best performance from -40ºC  to +140ºC.

SunBless also has inherent preservative made up of special characteristic proprietary formula, which protects the applied surface from deterioration.

SunBless also contains a unique newly developed acrylic emulsion resin, which imparts an excellent water proofing and elastic property to the coating.

SunBless has unique and unparalleled properties of highest sun heat reflection & enabling to withstand even at extreme cold temperature, protection from water leakage and seepage, protection from chemical fumes and sea salt wind corrosion, relief from wall and ceiling mould, relief from roof-top noise during heavy downpour.

SunBless: The FAB Analysis

SunBless, the powerful Japanese innovation is now all poised to empower chemical industries not only helping them to get rid of their perennial problems but also enable them to garner substantial monetary savings.

SunBless has already started proving its merits at leading chemical conglomerates.  It’s time you too reap the SunBless benefits.