Having optimum temperature is extremely important during transportation of items such as wine, vegetables, fruits, flowers, crops, chemicals, milk and other such products. Since these products are very sensitive to heat and cooler weather conditions, maintaining proper temperature is the key to successfully delivering them to the client location, whether locally or internationally, in their natural forms.

This case study discusses the effectiveness of SunBless against normal coating for containers carrying such temperature sensitive items across varied weather conditions.

When containers sailing through tropical regions, and across countries under extremely hot and humid environment, the sea temperature increases drastically, which could lead to damaging the contents and reducing their shelf-life. Containers are further exposed to direct sunlight, also possibly rains, during land and marine transportation which adds on to the challenge.

A thorough study was done on containers, some with SunBless nanofinish and the others with a different coat. The containers temperatures were recorded with data logger. It was found that SunBless applied container consistently recorded 9o C to 14o C internal temperatures. This not only maintained the natural taste and hygiene of the products including wine, vegetables and fruits, which are more sensitive to high temperatures, but also was known to improve their shelf-life.

The containers acquire a better thermal insulation against extreme heat and freezing wind with SunBless nanofinish, as compared to the other containers with normal coating.