Innovative, High-Quality, Eco-Friendly All-Weather Protection
For Residences, Factories, Infrastructure, Commercial Spaces and Transportation

Before Paint Think


Thermo-Reflective Coating

A Single Solution for multiple
needs of Construction &
Infrastructure Industries

An Innovative Thermo-Reflective Coating Highest Heat Reflection & Insulation Saves Energy – Reduces Costs Environment-Friendly, Reduces Global Warming Optimum Energy Efficient Solution for Smart Cities International Patent (Pending)

SunBless, the innovative Thermo-Reflective Coating

An ideal solution for today’s Global Warming and Environmental Protection.

SunBless is specially developed as a universal all-pervading solution,
to address multitude of issues and problems being faced today,
by the industrial and corporate world, as well as the society at large.

Highest Insulation Capability


Sunlight reflection ratio

High Elasticity


Coating film elasticity rate

Only SunBless has shown


temperature reduction and highest ambient temperature reduction.

Excellent Weather Resistance


Years – Expected Life


Ms. Warm Winters in Chilly Region, does not need a heater or carpet even when ambient temperatures fall 10o C below Zero. Her home is protected by SunBless.

Mr. Cool Summers in Tropical Region, does not need an A-C or any air-cooler when temperatures hit 45o C His home is protected by SunBless.

…And they both live happily ever after.



SunBless is extremely beneficial for the Owners of Event Halls

I have applied SunBless at my Royal Karjat Garden Event Hall and it has been a cool experience. In addition to this, I was surprised to see that the leakage from my rooftop has been completely eliminated, which has saved me a lot of recurring money after during the rainy season. Further, it has also reduced the annoying sound of the rain drops falling on the rooftop, thus creating a great event experience for my customers. Thank you SunBless.

Royal Karjat GardenOwner

SunBless is a must for Resort Management

I was in search of a eco-friendly solution for a long time, and that’s how I discovered about SunBless. Through this innovative solution, they claimed that we can experience a temperature drop of up to 10o C I was a bit of both sceptical and surprised about this claim, and hence I decided to try it out myself. I was absolutely thrilled to experience this temperature drop myself. Following this, I immediately decided to apply SunBless across my entire resort and the results have phenomenally exceeded my expectations. It completely resolved the issue of the A-C costs and further it has also addressed my other challenges including leakages during the rainy season. The rooms no longer have the humidity and the moisture that we had a hard time getting rid of. This has made customers extremely happy.

Nilesh ChaundiyeCity Engineer Panvel

As an Industrial Paint Consultant, from now on I rely on SunBless

I have had an expertise of more than 20 years in the field of industrial paint consulting and auditing. Across these years, I have finally found SunBless, as the only product which has such a versatile and effective solution for most of the challenges faced by the industrial clients. These clients experience various issues such as variation in temperatures, the cost of implementing an efficient temperature control system, problems cropping up due to leakages, the impact on productivity resulting from humidity, annoying noise of the rain-drops on the roof during rainy season, rusting and many such problems. But now, I can confidently say that I have the right solution for all these problems. I have SunBless.

Shri Pravin BhadaneIndustrial Paint Consultant and Auditor
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